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sKilled Visas Eligibility Chart

Visas | US Embassy & Consulates in Australia

Process Chart

Get your credentials assessed by your occupation’s proscribed body.
Let the government know how many points you have and what you want to be invited for.
Nominated visas only – Ask an Australian State, Territory or eligible relative to nominate or sponsor you.
Wait to be invited by the Department of Home Affairs.
Apply for your visa and demonstrate that you meet the applicable criteria.

Subclass 189 Points Calculator

Minimum Points to Lodge an EOI: 65 Points

Age at the time of invitation:

25 points:  Not less than 18 and under 25

30 points:  Not less than 25 and under 33

25 points:  Not less than 33 and under 40

15 points:  Not less than 40 and under 45

0 points:  Competent English – 

Minimum English required to lodge an EOI

10 points:  Proficient English

20 points:  Superior English

5 points: 36 months

10 points: 60 months

15 points: 96 months

Australian Employment in the Nominated Occupation in the Last 10 years:

5 points: 12 months

10 points: 36 months

15 points: 60 months

20 points: 96 months

5 points: If you have completed an Australian professional year program in the nominated occupation for a period totalling at least 12 months in the last 48 months.

5 points: If you have satisfied the Australian Study Requirement and lived, whilst studying, in a designated regional area. You must not have undertaken any part of this study as distance education.

Australian Study:

5 points: If you have satisfied the Australian Study Requirement in Australia

5 points: NAATI accreditation in one of the specified community languages

5 points: Doctorate or Master’s by research in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics

Partner’s Qualifications - Maximum 15 points

10 points: If your partner has nominated an eligible occupation, has obtained a positive skill assessment for the occupation, has competent English, and is included in your EOI.

10 points: If you do not have a partner, or have a partner who is an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen.

5 points: If your partner has scored competent English and is included in your EOI.

20 points: Doctorate degree

15 points: Bachelor’s degree

10 points: Diploma or Trade qualification by by an Australian educational institution

10 points: Qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority for the nominated skilled occupation as being suitable

*The Bachelor qualification or other qualification does not have to be related to the applicant’s nominated occupation. For example, you may have nominated the occupation of chef with a relevant Diploma, yet claim points for a Bachelor’s degree in a completely different field of study.

Subclass 858 Distinguished Talent Visa

If you believe you have a proven and continuing record of outstanding achievement in your field,

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