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Partner - MIA
Immigration Lawyers Brisbane, Migration Consultants Brisbane
Immigration Lawyers Brisbane, Migration Consultants Brisbane
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Partner - Law institute victoria
Immigration Lawyers Brisbane, Migration Consultants Brisbane
Partner - MIA
Partner - MIA
family visa for brisbane
Immigration Lawyers Brisbane, Migration Consultants Brisbane

Key Eligibility Criteria for Partner Visas

  • Genuine and continuing relationship with your Australian partner.
  • Having met each other in person at least once.
  • Serious Commitment to the relationship.
  • Sufficient evidence to prove your relationship.
  • No significant criminal history from the applicant or sponsor.

*Australia supports marriage equality. Being in a same-sex relationship will not be a barrier to your partner visa application.

Australian Family Migration Schemes

Not everyone with family relations can be sponsored for Australian family visas. The relations must be either:

Children and Step-children

If the child is in Australia: 802
If the child is overseas: 101

Fiancé or Fiancée

If you intend to marry soon: 300

Spouse or De facto

If your partner is in Australia: 820
If your partner is overseas: 309

Adoptive Children

If bringing your own child: 101
If adopting an orphaned relative who is in Australia: 837
If adopting an orphaned relative who is overseas: 117


If your parents are old than 67: 804, 884, 864, 870
If your parents are younger than 67: 114, 103, 143, 173, 870

In rare instances, you may be able to sponsor other more distant relatives for permanent residency than above-mentioned relatives.

These applications are based not only on a degree of relations but a range of other criteria. Such include:

  • Aged Dependent Relative Visas: Subclasses 838 and 114
  • Remaining Relative Visas: Subclasses 835 and 115
  • Skilled Work Regional Visas: Subclass 491 Family sponsored stream

Temporary options for more distant relatives include:

  • Carer Visa: Subclass 116
  • Visitor Visa (Family Sponsored Stream): Subclass 600

Australian Family Visas

Australian Spouse Visas

Family visa - section 4 Flow chart - spouse

Australian Child Visas

Family visa - section 4 Flow chart - spouse

Australian Parent Visas

Family visa - section 4 Flow chart - spouse

Partner Visa FAQs

A person is your “family unit” if the person is:

  • Your spouse or de facto partner;
  • Your dependent child or step-child;
  • Dependent child or step-child of your spouse or de facto partner; or

The important consideration in determining whether a child is dependent on you is whether he or she:

  • Has not turned 18 years of age;
  • Is still financially dependent on you after 18 years but before 23 years of age; or
  • Is still dependent on you in broader aspects of life due to his or her mental or physical incapacitation, if after 23 years of age.

Holders of subclass 820 or 309 partner visas, pending their permanent visas, may not have included their children in their application for various reasons. Regardless of the reasons, once you are granted the provisional 820 or 309 visa, you may still have your partner to sponsor your child on a Subclass 445 Dependent Child visa which must be applied prior to the permanent Subclass 801 or 100 visa being granted.

Yes, you can. Partner visas apply to married and de facto relationships. Depending the nature of your relationship, you will have to produce different documents as evidence, but if you can prove that your relationship is genuine, that you live together, have joint finances and attend social activities together, you may successfully apply for a partner visa.

You may be scheduled to have an interview with a delegate of the Department, but only if there is a suspicion that your relationship is not genuine. These interviews are much less common these days. If you have a robust application, it is very unlikely that you will have to attend an interview.

You can, but only if you have “compelling reasons”. The term, ‘compelling’, refers to the circumstances so powerful that they lead the decision-maker to make a positive finding that the provision should be waived.

If you are in this situation, we strongly recommend that you speak to our specialized lawyers immediately.

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