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Are you, as an employer, planning to sponsor a foreign worker for a visa?

Are you, as an employee, being sponsored by an Australian business for a visa?

Are you overwhelmed by the whole visa application process?

Are you looking for good migration agents whom you can trust with confidence?

We specialize in employer sponsored visas

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Why Visa Plan for Employer Sponsored Visas?

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Professional Credentials

Our Principal was a former Legal Advisor for the Australian Government where he advised various Government agencies. You will receive from us the same level of services that the Australian Government would enjoy.

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Collective Experience

We have processed many applications for employer sponsored visas with different circumstances. With the experience, our team is perfectly equipped to achieve positive outcomes in every situation.

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Nil Human Errors

However experienced, knowledgeable or passionate, everyone is prone to human errors. At Visa Plan, we provide the unique safety net of having two Australian immigration lawyers attending to your matter at all times.

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Fixed Fee Promise

During your initial consultation with our migration lawyers, you will receive a quote for our professional fee. This quote will not vary, assuring that you are receiving the finest services at a reasonable price, all without any nasty surprises.

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100% Client Satisfaction

We can confidently say that our clients are satisfied with our professional services. Check our Google Reviews for their testament! We emphasize that our priority is to make sure that you are happy and get the visa you need.

frequently asked questions

We do not assist people in finding an Australian employer who can sponsor. It is not advisable to seek this form of assistance from a registered migration agent. Not only is there likely a conflict of interests, but applicants who are introduced to employers by a migration agent may well be at risk of exploitation, underpayment, extortion and visa refusal.

It is possible for an Australian employer to sponsor a relative. This fact should be known to the Department who will likely scrutinise the intention of employment. If your relative lacks the requisite skills or if you do not have a genuine business need to employ your relative, it will not be possible to sponsor them.

Although not forbidden under law, self-sponsorship is subject to extreme scrutiny. If it is determined that your business was primarily created in order to achieve a migration outcome, it is likely your application will fail. This path is highly inadvisable.

It is unlawful for an employer sponsor to accept a benefit from a visa applicant in exchange for sponsorship. Those who engage in this practice will likely be subject to application refusal, visa cancellation and potentially a 3 year ban on employer sponsored visa applications.

Employers are not permitted to pass on the costs of sponsorship approval, nomination or the SAF levy to applicants. If there is evidence that these fees were paid for by the applicant, the application will be refused.

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