Get Your Business Visa Australia This Christmas. There’s Never A Better Time

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Get Your Business Visa Australia This Christmas. There’s Never A Better Time

For all you business-minded folks who wish to settle in Australia and start a new venture, there can’t be a better time than the festive season. Christmas loves tradition and modernity. The New Year follows with endless possibilities and the beginning of new things. 

In the New Year you can expect to find people ready to try out something novel, and if you’ve got a B2C business venture, there’s a chance in all likelihood that you’d find some very willing consumers enthusiastic about giving your venture a try. 

Visa Plan and its team of visa agents in Melbourne can simplify the process, and your New Year will see a booming business overseas. 

Why is Christmas a good time for setting up a business in Australia?

There couldn’t be a better time than the holidays season for setting up your business in Australia. Chances are if you get started with the visa process soon, you could well be setting up your venture here in the New Year.

As visa agents in Melbourne, we understand exactly what the market overseas is looking for and we believe the festive season could be your lucky charm to a booming business. 

Visa Plan does not offer employment, but would do everything possible to assist you with the technicalities and legal proceedings of acquiring the visa. 

What is a business visa Australia?

As the name suggests, this visa is for the purpose of setting up work overseas and is different from a work permit. While work permits are for those who are earning, or engaged in labour or ‘employed’ overseas, a business visa is contrary to this. 

The Australian economy welcomes those with new ideas, innovative deals and strategies that will significantly contribute to the culture and economy there. If you think you have something refreshing to bring to the table, an amalgamation of ideas or a venture that hasn’t been thought of before, you can apply for a business visa Australia, and let your work speak for yourself overseas. 

Criteria for business visa

Once you contact our visa agent in Perth, there are a list of criteria you’d have to fulfill in order to be eligible for a business visa:

  • You should not be above the age of 55 while applying for the visa
  • You must be deemed as being of exceptional economic benefit to the Nation
  • You should have had an ownership interest in a main business with an annual turnover of $500,000 for at least 2 of the 4 fiscal years immediately before the time of invitation
  • There must be a need for you to remain in Australia during the course of the business
  • You should have had a successful business career that is proved by turnovers

Another specific to be kept in mind is that if your business role overseas involves something the likes of delivering services to clients, your visa may be rejected. It is impertinent that you have a position of responsibility in the key functioning of the business. This is because the Australian authorities need to ensure that you do have a significant role to play in the running of the business. 

Our visa agent Adelaide will assist you in the legalities of the application, so as to make the process a breeze. For more information on the assets you need to have, inventory, requisite funds, and ownership threshold, you can browse hereAll you need do is contact us today and let us facilitate the visa application process. The sooner the better!

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