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Visa Plan is a premier boutique migration law firm rendering professional assistance in all forms of Australian migration matters. We are headquartered in Melbourne with offices in South Korea and Vietnam.

Our mission is to set the standard for professionalism and client services within the Australian migration industry. We do this by carefully selecting the best professionals in our industry and placing our focus on our clients, ensuring each matter is conducted in an attentive and fastidious manner.

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Why Engage Lawyers?

You have decided to embark on a new journey to migrate to Australia, one of the world’ most liveable countries. You may be certain on what visa to apply for and are preparing to start the application process on your own. You may be asking yourself “why would I need to engage an Australian immigration lawyer or migration agent especially if you are not obligated by law to do so?” Regardless of your circumstances, there are a number of reasons why you should.

Risk of Refusal

The Immigration Department strictly enforces the Australian migration law and heavily scrutinizes all visa applications. This means that a seemingly minor mistake may result in a refusal. In fact, the majority of refusals are caused by simple oversight, such as providing the wrong documents or failure to supply sufficient evidence. The consequences of a refusal can be catastrophic, and given migration is one of the biggest decisions of your life, it makes sense to consult with a professional migration lawyer.

Our abundant experience means we understand how the Department, AAT and other decision-makers analyse migrations applications, or exercise their statutory discretions. We know which strategies and tactics work in practice and which do not. We know what to provide and what not to. With our attentive services, your application will be the strongest it can be.

Costs of Failure

Visa application fees are costly and non-refundable. This means that a refusal may leave you thousands out of pocket and without a visa. Additionally, having a refusal on your rector would leave a permanent stain on your immigration history, adding complications to your future applications.

When you consider the cost of a visa refusal, it is often cheaper and wiser to engage professionals to do the job right the first time. Australia has one of the highest living standards in the world. Don’t risk your Australian dream with a DIY visa application!

Lawyers vs Agents

Through their many years of intensive legal study, an Australian immigration lawyer has intimate knowledge of the Australian legal system. Their extensive training and breadth of professional experience offers enormous advantages to their clients.

In contrast, a migration agent can become accredited merely after completing a one year course and passing a capstone examination. Agents registered prior to 2020 were exempt from this capstone examination and those registered before 2018 were merely required to complete a 6 month graduate certificate. Whilst many competent agents exist, it remains the case that the barrier to entry remains far lower than that of lawyers.

Having regards to their backgrounds, immigration lawyers possess a far more comprehensive understanding of the legal regime and thus are capable of providing better services. Seeing as migration agent fees are not necessarily cheaper, why not choose a migration lawyer instead?

Our Organizational Values

Visa Plan - “I set out to establish a law firm which would set a new standard for integrity and quality of service in our industry. By focusing on the client experience, our team of dedicated, skilled and empathetic lawyers pride ourselves on treating each matter with the care and dedication they deserve. A law firm lives and dies by its reputation, as so do we.

Quality of Service

We provide an assurance that our migration lawyers are qualified and capable of handling your matters competently and diligently. You will always receive independent, professional and strategic advice that is uncompromised by lack of knowledge, experience or conflicts of interest.

Responsible Practice

We promise to work diligently on your matter to achieve the best outcome. Throughout the process, you are entitled to have your questions and concerns addressed by us in sufficient details and in a timely manner. It is also your right to be informed of the progress of your matter, and to receive copies of any relevant documents upon request.


A lack of transparency in pricing is a widespread problem amongst many others in the industry. We acknowledge the problem and endeavour to be the solution, leading the way in positive change. We are committed to keeping our professional fees reasonable and free from surprises.

Meet our Team

Your relationship with us begins with a simple sit down meeting where we will listen to your goals and ask relevant questions. Talk to us today!

James Bae

Solicitor – Victorian Law Institute and
High Court of Australia

Andrew Topalovic

Solicitor – Victorian Law Institute and
High Court of Australia

Grace Lee

Primary School
Teacher in Korea

Fernando Seo

Korean Attorney in Law

Jang Eun Lee

Korean Attorney in Law

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