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Migrating to a different country is probably the most important decision in one’s life. Given its importance, we cannot emphasize enough that you choose the best migration lawyers to help you settle in Australia.

At Visa Plan, we strive to become the top Australian migration agents and lawyers in the industry. Our migration experts know how best to manage your case in order to serve your visa related needs with minimum hassle.

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Best Immigration Lawyers Australia


Visa Plan strives to be highly regarded and respected in the profession as a premier immigration law firm. Unlike many other firms where your matter is assigned to a new migration lawyer only after you have signed, at Visa Plan you will always know who is handling your matter before you engage our services.


Immigration matters may require a vast multitude of professional expertise. For example, matters of complex judicial review should be briefed to and settled by experienced counsels, and business visas will need competent accountants and transparent business brokers. Whatever expertise is needed, we will have the necessary networks for your success.

100% Satisfaction

However experienced, knowledgeable or passionate, everyone is prone to human errors. At Visa Plan, we provide the unique safety net of having two Australian immigration lawyers attending to each matter at all times. We are the only migration firm Melbourne that implements and enforces this system, offering unmatched value to our clients.


Australian immigration law is voluminous and dynamic, requiring immigration lawyers to keep up with amendments. As the top immigration law firm in Melbourne, we are not only committed to improving our professional knowledge, but also educating fellow migration agents and lawyers, thereby propagating a culture of continuous learning and improving industry standards.

Fixed Fee Promise

Professional fees will differ across visa types and individual circumstances. During your initial consultation with our immigration lawyers in Melbourne, you will receive a quote for our professional fee and anticipated disbursements, including the visa fee payable to the Department. This assures that you are receiving the finest services at a reasonable price.

5 Star Reviews

Our Google reviews speak for themselves and are testament to our commitment to delivering 100% client satisfaction in all matters. You can rest assured that our utmost priority is to make sure that you are happy with our professional services and get the visa you need for your Australian dreams!

Visa and Immigration Services

  • AAT Appeal
  • Notice of Cancellation –  NOICC
  • Visa Cancellation
  • Jurisdictional Error Assessment
  • Federal Circuit Court
  • Federal Court
  • High Court of Australia
  • 188A Business
  • 188E Entrepreneur
  • 888 Business PR
  • 491 Small Business Owner
  • 188B Investor
  • 188C SIV
  • 888 Investment PR
  • 186 ENS Visa
  • 482 TSS Visa
  • 494 Regional Sponsored
  • 189 Independent Skilled
  • 190 State Nominated Skilled 
  • 191 Regional Skilled PR
  • 485 TR Visa
  • 491 Regional Skilled
  • 300 Fiancee
  • 309 / 100 Offshore Partner
  • 820 / 801 Onshore Partner
  • 461 NZ Citizen Partner

Immigration News Australia

Tips: Finding the Best Immigration Firm

Everyone seeks the best migration assistance as they can, and they resort to search on Google for terms, such as:

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It is important to understand that simply being in the top results for these searches does not necessarily guarantee the quality of professional services being rendered. Therefore, you would have to do deeper research.

We strongly advise that you consider the professional backgrounds of the lawyers and agents. If you are not careful, you may end up engaging a firm that delegates your application to a crew of paralegals and admin assistants, or even “virtual assistants” in the Philippines or India, rendering all your efforts and aspirations useless.

Our Principal Lawyer, James Bae, has represented the Australian Governments as a legal adviser in various adjudicating channels, such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Court. Having worked in the role, he has gained insights on the deliberations within the Government which is now helping him and his team better prepare for clients of Visa Plan. In addition, his accounting degree and business experience enable Visa Plan to provide migration services of higher quality, especially in Australian business migration.  

Above all, you should understand that good advice can be expensive but poor advice can be more costly in the long run. If you are shopping around for cheaper quotes, you may realise that each quote differs significantly and in some cases, by thousands of dollars. Think about why, and remember that there is no point in choosing a cheap migration agency over the top immigration lawyers, if you have to engage the top migration lawyers later to fix the issues that have been wronged by the cheap visa agency. As a matter of fact, the quality of an immigration lawyer in Australia is not always commensurate with their fees.

Immigration History of Australia

After World War II, the Australian Government was committed to boosting the nation’s population under the slogan – “Populate or Perish”. Policies were devised and implemented with the agendas of stimulating post-war economic development and defending the country in the event of another war. Despite the Government’s original intention for the 1% annual growth via immigration, the number of immigrants had grown exponentially. As a result, 30% of Australia’s resident population was born overseas, making it one of the world’s most multicultural nations.

Australia’s immigration program has been governed by the Migration Act of 1958 which established the Australian visa system with the long title – “An Act relating to the entry into, and presence in Australia of aliens, and the departure or deportation from Australia of aliens and certain other persons.” This Act replaced the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 which had formed the basis of the archaic ‘White Australia policy’ and many other discriminatory practices. The Migration Act 1958 Act has been amended numerous times over the past 60 years, with each presiding Government seeking to impose its own migration policies.

This has resulted in a unique mixture of drafting styles and policy objectives, producing the current Australian immigration landscape we see today. As long as Australia remains a popular destination for migrants from around the world, the Department, Tribunal and Courts will be called upon to interpret the various provisions in the realm of Australian immigration law. It is crucial that your Australian migration lawyers and immigration consultants understand the past and current laws that are relevant to your prospective visa application.

Australian Visa Programs

Visitor Visas

  • 601 Electronic Travel Authority
  • 651 Visitor visa
  • 600 Visitor visa


Business Visas

  • 188 Business visa
  • 188 Entrepreneur visa
  • 888 Business PR


Investor Visas

  • 188 Investor visa
  • 188 Significant Investor visa
  • 888 Investor PR


Work Visas

  • 407 Training visa
  • 858 Distinguished Talent visa
  • 186 ENS visa
  • 494 Regional Employer Sponsored visa
  • 408 Temporary Activity visa
  • 482 TSS visa
  • 485 TR visa
  • 400 Temporary Work visa


Skilled Visas

  • 189 Independent Skilled PR
  • 190 Nominated Skilled PR
  • 191 Regional PR
  • 491 Regional Skilled Work visa


Parent Visas

  • 103 Parent visa
  • 804 Aged Parent visa
  • 143 & 173 Contributory Parent visa
  • 864 & 884 Contributory Aged Parent visa
  • 870 Sponsored Parent visa


Child Visas

  • 102 Adoption visa
  • 101 Child visa
  • 802 Child visa


Partner Visas

  • 461 NZ Citizen Partner visa
  • 300 Fiance visa
  • 309 / 100 Offshore Partner visa
  • 820 / 801 Onshore Partner visa
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